Make the Ends Meet
Helping you to make it to the end of the month
Making ends meet

These days, it can be hard to 'make​ ends meet'.

Over the past few years I have found myself adopting certain methods in order to try and maintain the same level of lifestyle as when times were a bit better. Sometimes it has been about just trying to make sure we make it to the end of the month- it hasn't always worked, but without some of the methods we would definitely be in Ye Olde Dickensian style poor house (or whatever the modern version of the debtors prison is).

​I made this website to share some of these methods. So if you are struggling, or just want a better lifestyle on the same budget, then this is the page for you.

First off, everyone has different circumstances to everyone else. For some things you cannot just say EVERYONE will benefit from this. For other things you CAN say everyone should do it. 

                                One thing you can save on straight away is food shopping. The big supermarkets all fight with each other to say they are the cheapest. Does anyone believe the headlines? A lot of people do probably, but that doesn't make it true. ​There's so much these 'statistics' you see on the ads don't take into account.​ For one thing everyone buys different things. One persons trolley or basket is completely different to the next.

                                Here's one little example. I am not saying this is the exact case here- just making one thing up for an example:

​​                                Some of ASDA's own brand stuff is less tasty than cardboard, whereas some of Tesco's stuff isn't too bad. So - if I was in ASDA, I wouldn't buy their own brand KFC-style chicken because it wouldn't be eaten. If it was, then it wouldn't be enjoyed and some of it would just go in the bin. Whereas if I buy the Tesco equivalent for 2p more then everyone in the house would gobble it up. So while doing the shopping for the whole family I also need to take these things into account. It's all well and good saving a 'headline grabbing' 2p, but in reality I'd really be wasting money.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Don't Throw Your Money Down
​the Toile
So what can we do about it? How can we make sure we not only pay less for our food, but we also don't just waste our money?

                The quick answer is research. A little look online can tell you where the real bargains are.​​ The hard part can be finding where to look. In my Vouchers and Discountssection I have begun collecting links to lots of sources, that will help you find the cheapest place to do YOUR shopping. Because everyone's shopping is as individual as they are.

                BOGOF: Buy One Get One Free. ​​These offers usually sound great, don't they? It might sound good- like you're getting something for nothing- but this isn't always the case. Supermarkets run these deals to make you come into the shop. If you are getting 2 loaves of bread for the price of one, then you can bet that you're paying more for something else in the shop. The price for just one loaf these days is also more expensive. It can be hard to find a 'brand' loaf for less than around a pound. 

If you have space you could snap up all the special offers in bulk, but what about the things that go off?. You might be able to fill your freezer with some stuff, but not everyone has an infinite amount of freezer space.

In fact, most of the things you could come up with quickly have downsides. While it might  be a good idea to:
stock up on things when they are on offer; ​​only get some things and wait for another day to get other things from a different place; don't buy too much so that you're not just buying it to throw it in the bin. etc. etc.
​you might be doing some of this already, and it's not exactly going to save enough money to pay for Christmas. 
Thinking about it is enough to start pulling your hair out.
But don't worry. Just doing a little bit of all these things WILL save you money as long as you've done just a little bit of research​.

So why not check out my vouchers and discounts page, or have a look at what's hot right now. These pages are still quite new, but are growing on a daily basis.​​
Don't Pull Your Hair Out
What can you do about it though? ​​
​You don't want to spend hours looking up every supermarket to find where every single item on your shopping list is cheapest. THEN, drive round each one just for those specific items.
​It would take far too long. Then you'd probably waste as much money on petrol or bus fare than you'd end up saving. It would most likely cost MORE.
Stuff it All in There